Friday, December 26, 2008

Shaking Hell

Just like you can freeze in hell & you can burn in hell, the Sonic Youth song Shaking Hell has a magnificent combination of warm and cool sounds, after the ride down the slide to the underworld at which point you find something you didn't expect, but isn't hard to imagine.

The tension builds up in the beginning. You're waiting, waiting. Then you reach the bottom, everything slows. This isnt' what you expected. The pace is robotic, not the wild action you've always been fearful of. In fact this is almost comfortable. Just get in uniform & you'll fit in just fine.

You turn around to get a look at what the rest of eternity holds for you. Can't you imagine it? This is a very visual song. Almost scarier than being alone in an unknown darkness.

As someone who has many credentials I declare this song to be the most accurate depiction of the uncomfortable, nostalgic fear.

Monday, December 22, 2008

V and R Stereo Cassette

is available now, and it sounds really good

Joke? Harmonica
mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead
The When McGruff Was King
All of Sound

it is 122 minutes long
It costs $5 or other arrangement.
contact me on gmail by my name which is dayveo

this is a limited release of 20

Monday, December 15, 2008


thanks to Ines Navarro for showing me this...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beyonce make sex videohs

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fresh zip from v&r

the first ep from mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead circa 2007
4 cool tracks perfect for your winter life


Monday, December 1, 2008

The Antic​ipati​on Procl​amati​on

Novem​ber 27, 2008

Wonde​r Wheel​ 17: Hello​ Pictu​re!​ will be the first​ piece​ of 21st Centu​ry Music​.​ The compo​sitio​n will prope​rly heral​d the secon​d mille​nnia of the Commo​n Era and verif​y the Futur​e World​ envis​ioned​ by the specu​lator​s from the 1920'​s,​ 1950'​s throu​gh 1970'​s.​

Futur​e Music​ is the resul​t of imagi​natio​n and the antic​ipate​d creat​ion withi​n compo​sed works​.​ Highl​ighte​d point​s of music​al perpe​tuati​on inclu​de the atona​l devel​opmen​t of Arnol​d Schoe​nberg​ (​1874-​1951)​,​ the compi​led sound​s of "​Poéme​ Élect​roniq​ue"​ by Edgar​d Varès​e (​1883-​1965)​,​ the Sonic​ Signa​tures​ and Elect​ronic​ Pop produ​ction​s of Joe Meek (​1929-​1967)​,​ and the varia​tion of tape and melod​y on "​Discr​eet Music​"​ by Brian​ Eno (​1948-​Prese​nt)​.​

Utili​zing Pop Music​ const​ructs​ (​i.​e.​ Weste​rn Scale​s,​ Verse​/​Choru​s Struc​ture,​ Conve​ntion​al Rhyth​m,​ etc.), varia​tions​ on melod​y,​ isola​tion and repet​ition​ of struc​ture,​ false​ tempo​,​ and folk-​histo​rical​ rheto​ric provi​de the groun​ds to estab​lish the Futur​e Music​ of the 21st Centu​ry.​

To combi​ne the Futur​e World​ with the Futur​e Music​, the tools​ and machi​nes used in the docum​entin​g proce​ss ackno​wledg​e both world​s of digit​al and analo​g techn​ology​.​
1. Recor​ded onto tape machi​nes of the 1980'​s and 1990'​s
2. Perfo​rming​ with a digit​al inter​face of analo​g equip​ment
3. Manip​ulate​d by tape speed​ and/​or pitch​ of plug-​in
4. Trans​ferre​d to compu​ters of the mid 2000'​s
These​ prima​ry direc​tives​ are used to estab​lish uniqu​e Sonic​ Signa​tures​ and concl​ude the compo​sitio​n.​

All previ​ous creat​ions from the years​ of 2000-​2007 have refle​cted the world​ of the 20th Centu​ry,​ relyi​ng on previ​ous conve​ntion​s and thema​tic influ​ence to creat​e music​ of, and not for, the new mille​nnium​.​ Until​ now, there​ has been no perpe​tuati​on to embra​ce 21st Centu​ry Music​,​ yet the metro​polis​es of the Unite​d State​s are very aware​ of the Futur​e World​ aboar​d telev​ision​ billb​oards​ in publi​c space​s,​ touch​ scree​n compu​ter inter​faces​,​ and perso​naliz​ed globa​l posit​ionin​g syste​ms.​ These​ detai​ls,​ curre​nt fashi​ons,​ and consu​mptio​n of media​ and techn​ology​ outli​ne prese​nt livin​g in the Futur​e World​.

Welco​me to the 21st Centu​ry,​ a perio​d that ackno​wledg​es the many advan​ces in techn​ology​ and shift​s in past socie​ties.​ We are not to conce​rn ourse​lves prima​rily with the theor​ies and philo​sophi​es of the past;​ moreo​ver we ackno​wledg​e and empha​size their​ truth​s to build​ upon the funda​menta​l insti​tutio​ns,​ to provo​ke a new Futur​e World​.

Paul Andre​w Rosal​es
Orang​e,​ Calif​ornia​
The Unite​d State​s of Ameri​ca

www. numbe​r5mus​ic.​ org

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I take it back.
The Smithereens were the american Smiths.

But the difference is that the Smithereens are fresh & the Smiths are stale.
To each his own?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

From winter to mix all the cool cars are warming my arms.
from one stop to another
u need warm music for the holiday
and for happiness
and I hope i can find it this year!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


under construction

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Was REM the american Smiths?
i'm not sure.

more to come

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vacation all i ever wanted

One month later, I thought I would forget. 1 month without you and i still haven't gotten over you yet. Music was on Holiday. I see you were strong. I should have known all along that time would tell.

EDIT: This post was in recognition of 1 month between posts.

Monday, September 1, 2008

TWMWK: Psychopast

New Music Video from TWMWK
apologies for the quality... but you know google video...
full quality version available in the future when the internet if much faster?
or in out forthcoming video box set? available in the future?

The When McGruff was King's Psychopast is a 31-minute music video for the song of the same name released on September 1, 2008 and directed by David McDevitt who also co-wrote the screenplay. The mini-film music video was broadcast on the internet four weeks before October. It was the most expensive video of its kind, costing many US dollars, and the Guinness World Records in 2008 may list it as the "most successful TWMWK video", selling several units.

"Psychopast" was less a conventional video and more a full-fledged short subject or mini-film; a psychological film featuring cut scenes of natural waters & thoughts as well as a performance by TWMWK. The music was re-edited to match the video, with the verses being sung followed by the rest, then the main sequence (filmed in Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NYC) to an instrumental, and finally the memorable finish: video feedback with minimal guitar overdubs. During the video, TWMWK member David McDevitt experiences many thoughts and emotions from the confines of the audience as do the rest of the band playing from the confines of the small stage (although makeup artist Sarah Grass referred to it as a "dog monster" in the "Making of Psychopast" documentary; as yet unreleased); familiar territory for McDevitt, who had directed American Idol Re-Edit in Brooklyn two years earlier. Co-starring with McDevitt was former SVA student Stephen Pfund, part-time solo-ist Stefan Walz & carpenter Kris Giordano. The video was choreographed by Elbis Rever (who had worked with the group on his prior hits), with significant contributions by McDevitt. The video also contains incidental music by a film music composer working in the world of television, who had previously also worked with McDevitt on American Idol Re-Edit. The video (like the song) contains performances influenced by the sounds of horror. Stephen Pfund assisted in prosthetics and makeup, although they went unused in the final production.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


NO this is not scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I see such innocence & sweetness & a love of fun.

the future is bright.

don't be deterred.

you can do it.

we believe in you

we really do.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Superstar music belongs to no one.



Luther VanDross

Bette Midler


American Spring

Sonic Youth

& none of these are the original.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Music is Magic!
Nothin can compare!
Everybody starts to rock
When music's in the air!

Music is Magic!
Music makes you whole
(Music is Magic!)
It warps itself around you,
Filling up your soul!

Music is Magic!
Cuts through silence like a knife
Wondrous and mystical
(Music is Magic)
Somethin' of a miracle
(Sweet, sweet Magic)
Music is the sweet,
sweet sound of love

Twilight in Paris

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

norm loman sent

man & robot

me: this show soundcheck on NPR is alwasy so awful
2:22 PM but i listen to it to feel superior about my sophistication & open-mindednesss
  like it woudlnt' even occur to me that it was strange that bandswouldnt' be using a bass
2:23 PM becasue a band makes music with people, i don't think of htise standards that have to be met
  to define a band
  sometiems i have to turn it off
  the host is also a fool, but hes super nice, too nice. and it sickens me
 Stefan: do u hav it on radio
  or thru interent?
2:24 PM me: i have it on the radio, but you can listen to it on WNYC website. but the bass discusion is over
  some woman singer is coming on next
  to talk and play
  she doens't sound interesting,b ut i'll prob still listen
  unless its unbearable
2:25 PM Stefan: yeh
  no im gonna continue with my wacky itunes on
 me: OM
  this guy is calling in saying that the only reason that white stripes don't use bass
2:31 PM is a marketing thing
  (he's a bass player of course)
 Stefan: u see what this whole controversy is causing
 me: why would peopel thing you need this specific combo of instruments!
  its fucking music
2:32 PM people act like it was set in stone, like it was handed down in the 10 commandmants
2:33 PM a guy jus tcalled in
2:34 PM he plays in a band that is all electronic, except they use live horns.
  that sounds interesting
  and then the guy who's in teh studio says, its not doubt that electronic is starting to emerge into the world of rockmusic.
  is he living in another dimention?
2:35 PM its been going around for 30 years
  adn not just underground
  i mean sure
  outright using a computer is somewhat new
2:36 PM but its certainly not revolutionary right now
2:37 PM even that they keep saying "rock music"
2:38 PM i dnt' even know what that means anymore
  rock music is modern
  even post modern
  we live post contemporary
  sure, bands still play rock music
  but they might as well be playing characters in the rennasaince fair
  or doing be metallica rolling stones cover band
2:40 PM this is the difference between musicians and artist
  musicians are like construction workers
2:42 PM Stefan: yeah
  i agree
  emerge haha

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New New New

mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead
Religious Undertoad
totally awesome

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the when space was face again

july 26th 2008
players; Dugez, P SOX, JameO, $-God, DJ M aka MCD times three.
\"we were lost\"

Monday, August 4, 2008

in a foreign temple, in a  basement
if you are left to die in hole with metal sides
you will bang on those metal sides with your fists
and they'll make a hollow sound because there
is some space on the other side between the metal and the dirt.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

i know a killer when i see one. but you're lovely.

Killer cover
Dear Alice, 
We want to fall asleep in your sweet sounds which are like flowing water over our bodies that makes us so smooth & comfortable.  We love you.
You're vibrations are just right for reaching the heart & Killer, each song you make makes me feel good about myself. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah.  There is a certain energy in these songs that makes my ribs feel just the right way to keep everything in that has to be kept in.  You know like my heart & my lungs?
We love harmonicas & when we look at you we don't see that.  But maybe we do.  Maybe we see harmonicas in your eyes.  Your eyes are beautiful harmonicas Alice & we love you.

Did you know that johnny rotten called killer the greatest rock album of all time?  Thats so cool.  Everyone was so connected in the 70s.

8 songs of calming bliss.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Sonic Youth July 4th 2008 Battery Park Concert Review

OK first off, how many bands are doing double bass?
The last time I saw Sonic Youth was in 2004 and they were playing the Sonic Nurse material. I was so excited that i think I was annoying everyone else that I was with. Well this time I was way more laid back, but as soon as those strings were plucked I started bouncing. They opened the show with the revised no wave thrill ride simplicity of "she is not alone", and then preceded into "Bull in the heather" and I almost fainted! Then I had to jump around as fast as i could for "silver rocket", with an extended noise mid section. I felt truly blessed! But here came my ultimate almost faint moment, my heart was in a washing machine when I heard the opening arpeggiation of "skip Tracer". Then "the sprawl" into another revised no wave track "world looks red". "Cross the breeze" and "hey joni" were amazing and as far as i remember were conjuncted. "Jams run free" always makes me feel orgasmic as it builds up to that climactic moment of sonic progression, you know what I'm talking about. "The Wonder/Hyperstation" was great, they should've thrown in "eliminator JR." though... Last but not least "Drunken Butterfly" with Kim forgetting the lyrics, at first I thought it was planned, its like a diva thing to do. They went back into it though as Thurston joked "she's injecting the lyrics right now..." I laughed, we laughed, everyone laughed. I was worried that the song wasn't going to have the same sort of pizzazz the second time around but it did. I was glad.
1st encore "making the nature scene" which was fuckng awesome; and then the only other Rather Ripped track played "pink steam", another orgiastic feast of sonic explosion. We honestly thought that was it, as we started walking away saying how they didn't do "schizophrenia", which is a real treat. We walk like 30 feet away and see them come back out, what's this second encore? And I hear the drumbeat! Schizophrenia! WOW! But I had to get water, it actually sounded really cool from the distance I was at. They ended with "100%" in that newer (or as I understand since 95') sort of hip hop style. It was rad! We went to some semi-OK restaurant thing, I had some avocado chicken wrap and felt very satisfied as we drove a packed 1989 Honda Civic into the sunset in traffic.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elvis Costello circa 1989

I have to admit, i was thrown back by this album at first listen. I was used to the ease & magic of Armed Forces and My Aim is True, and Spike just didn't seem as cohesive & enjoyable. But after multiple listens I can really appreciate the more challenging nature of this album. With every subsequent listen the hidden pop web of each song emerges louder & louder.  At times the vocals by Elvis Costello remind me of a neo-Bowie awkwardness; not exactly pleasant but still perfect.

The music vid for Veronica perfectly complements the awkward sounds & structures of the album with its own awkward cuts, unaligned synching, and dull, off-putting & intriguing visuals.  I've just decided i want this video played at my funeral.

Monday, June 23, 2008

fruhling is not fire in my heart but it may be better than that:

Berlitz Drama - fruhling

This sweet bird song~ is the peak of the wider transylvanian soundwave movement of the 2nd half of the 20th century.  And exists as a prime motivationer and influencer of the post-contemporary pro-synthesizers.  

Music is such fresh air, fresh cool air at that, with crisp ground underneath your feet.  Dirt crackling in the cold.  But unexpected cold.  In fact everything is unexpected.  You never know what will happen.

And oh I feel the heart of this man who sings in the inperceptable language.  His soul speaks to me & his sounds speak to me.  And my heart is moved in the deeply personal cinematic sense


Sunday, June 22, 2008

"the most sentimental album of 2008"

Someone asked me recently what i thought was the most sentimental album to be released in the NY area this year 2008. I thought about if for a day & then i got back to him with my answer.

I said, "Its got to be poem box drawings."

"And what's that?" asked my female accompanier who was also there.

"Oh its the latest album by Thickly Painted Walls", I answered.

She said it sounded familiar. And in unison they both shouted out, "But is it really that sentimental?!"

I told them them yes. I mean even without the heart wrenching vocals, the sounds alone would be enough to make a grown man weep with sadness and rememberance of a time in his life where things seemed less complicated.

Now was this the intention of the maker? I don't have the answer & perhaps we'll never know.

You must keep in mind that this is a very short collection of songs. And for good reason because it really feels as if it was reduced to is most pure & cutting elements. No water ~ no filler! Just pure chicken?


Saturday, May 31, 2008


Monday, May 26, 2008

the when space was face

What can I say about Space Faces, an amazing band with amazing people?! Yeah, I could say that... these recordings are from the first meeting of the When Mcgruff Was King with the Space Faces, with a little help from there friends! Enjoy!

Seriously check Space Faces out; its a shame so many great bands depart just when they first start cooking; at least they made some food before they were reshelved? where am i going with this, I'm as confused as you are...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sponto Buy LP

Look at this crappy photo I found on google, we were up in Cambridge MA and we went to this great record shop on the main strip called Twisted Village... and Pasta Jeevius was digging on this artwork, i wanted to get a few LPs, I was hyped on this Yips LP I was getting, so we threw this PFS "illustrative problems" into the bag. I have to say I feel pretty mixed, I know its like prog/psych from 85' or whatever but there are a few parts which are so like "now we're gonna make it weird"; its beyond predictable. However Side 2 as a whole I enjoyed. So i give it a 9.32567 out of 9.776311111111111?

haha I just found out the name is Pure Fucking Space!!! shit is gnarsome.


Friday, April 18, 2008

pomo? nah


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boats of Night

Boats of Night is my neu favorite band!!!
heres the description which is better than anything I could write: "Here is a online collab between two artists. I would like to hear what you think of this project but do not expect anything. The artists are completed devoted to their craft and do not limit themselves to only one voice. It is an anything goes world with an anything goes type of art. There are no need for limits. There is much more of a need for other things. Hope. Dreams. Empathy. and being humble."


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"electric pen/Gum" 7"
Intellectuals, little girls, random thoughts, poetry, liberals, nonsense, simplicity, complexity, satan, bad mouthing, soapy suds, cussing, fussing, guitar string, gum not gun, techno babble, space age, cold space, vacuum, breathe, babies breath, secrets, teenage girls, love, made in usa, deserts, perfect pose, barefoot on the city street, tights, eating snacks then makeout, nervousness, secrets, world tokens, acoustic/electric, put your finger in my mouth...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Discovery of Music

Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elbis Rever

Why do I like Elbis Rever so much? Is it the sexual tension/exploitation that runs throughout it, the slightly off foreign vocals, the neu neu new wave aspects. Genre'fy it... neo-techno post-modern dance noise post contemporary pop? IDK... The performances are odd, but in my own experiences always fun, they are taking themselves seriously but at the same time are totally into ruining it. They make me feel like its OK to dance. Playing there shows sometimes with a Macbook running thru a small amp, it gets distorted and fucked. But the beat goes on! The dance goes on! The perplexing goes on! I don't even know what they're saying half the time, I do make my guesses, and I'm happy with them. And how many members are in the band? Spread out over the whole earth!? They're like an international collective, but my guess is that they're spies, so I'm always very careful with them... Always making sure I have my wallet and my arteries. Thats what spies go after these days. And what does the name mean?


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wonder Wheel

our friends wonder wheel
The best $5 i ever spent! This beautifully packaged cassette by Number 5 music, opens with the amazing, frantic "leaving town for a new one". Whenever i put this tape into the deck, i start dancing, although this album doesn't stop there. The second track "erroneous soul song" is another amazing whirlwind of sound. Perhaps this is what Paul A. Rosales is best known for doing, Wonder Wheel plays with dated mechanisms to create something timeless. My friend Joke? tried to describe it once over the new digital audio of cell phones, not comparable to the beautiful decay of this cassette. Anyways Joke? had a difficult time describing it, but he was talking about the type of painting it creates in his head, both the gesture and the product I think. Wonder wheel has a sound, but you can feel the heart and time placed into it. The album has a range of topics from love to angst; bass thumping basslines to fucked up fuck ups! Its got it all, actually I dont think this review is well written or a decent entailing of what the tape has to offer one with an open ear, as it has not got old at all in my listening experience. Fuck it, this review is shit, has been shit, ignore the review, it sucks; just get the fucking tape or fuck off!



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