Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elbis Rever

Why do I like Elbis Rever so much? Is it the sexual tension/exploitation that runs throughout it, the slightly off foreign vocals, the neu neu new wave aspects. Genre'fy it... neo-techno post-modern dance noise post contemporary pop? IDK... The performances are odd, but in my own experiences always fun, they are taking themselves seriously but at the same time are totally into ruining it. They make me feel like its OK to dance. Playing there shows sometimes with a Macbook running thru a small amp, it gets distorted and fucked. But the beat goes on! The dance goes on! The perplexing goes on! I don't even know what they're saying half the time, I do make my guesses, and I'm happy with them. And how many members are in the band? Spread out over the whole earth!? They're like an international collective, but my guess is that they're spies, so I'm always very careful with them... Always making sure I have my wallet and my arteries. Thats what spies go after these days. And what does the name mean?





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