Sunday, June 22, 2008

"the most sentimental album of 2008"

Someone asked me recently what i thought was the most sentimental album to be released in the NY area this year 2008. I thought about if for a day & then i got back to him with my answer.

I said, "Its got to be poem box drawings."

"And what's that?" asked my female accompanier who was also there.

"Oh its the latest album by Thickly Painted Walls", I answered.

She said it sounded familiar. And in unison they both shouted out, "But is it really that sentimental?!"

I told them them yes. I mean even without the heart wrenching vocals, the sounds alone would be enough to make a grown man weep with sadness and rememberance of a time in his life where things seemed less complicated.

Now was this the intention of the maker? I don't have the answer & perhaps we'll never know.

You must keep in mind that this is a very short collection of songs. And for good reason because it really feels as if it was reduced to is most pure & cutting elements. No water ~ no filler! Just pure chicken?


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