Sunday, July 13, 2008

i know a killer when i see one. but you're lovely.

Killer cover
Dear Alice, 
We want to fall asleep in your sweet sounds which are like flowing water over our bodies that makes us so smooth & comfortable.  We love you.
You're vibrations are just right for reaching the heart & Killer, each song you make makes me feel good about myself. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah.  There is a certain energy in these songs that makes my ribs feel just the right way to keep everything in that has to be kept in.  You know like my heart & my lungs?
We love harmonicas & when we look at you we don't see that.  But maybe we do.  Maybe we see harmonicas in your eyes.  Your eyes are beautiful harmonicas Alice & we love you.

Did you know that johnny rotten called killer the greatest rock album of all time?  Thats so cool.  Everyone was so connected in the 70s.

8 songs of calming bliss.


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