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napkume review

Napkume Review

Napkume is a mood sensitive listening experience. I listened to it once and I really couldn’t figure out its raison d'etre. After the second time, I still didn’t know; But I also didn’t care.

The CD-R starts out sounding like a mediocre 90’s demo tape. Psycho People has a nice melody but also tests the limits of your patience with dumb sonic youth noise guitar. It all depends on if you have a taste for it. The repetition of the track will eventually infect you, trust me.

Track 2 @Airport also relies on a catchy hook. It doesn’t really repeat, though it is pleasent enough though.

From there the album sometimes delves slightly into a more electronic slow spaces like exploring a computer filled with peanut butter, but its just a trick because through exploring, itunes evidently is found and the tracks change alot within themselves in tempo & technique.

This is a very fufilling, captivating body of music when re-listening, but i dont know whether i should be concerned that I wasn’t very interested the first time around.

7 & 8 Are the funniest tracks.

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Genesis - I Can't Dance

I love music videos about MUSIC VIDEOS.

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VNR Newsflash 6

VNR Newsflash 6 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

The night is a frightening pplace where sometimes we find the strangest stories! Imagine roaming the streets at night and happening across a scientist doing important experiments involving an interplanetary substance. He'll explain all about it here.





Today's episode stars Christopher Grud & David McDevitt. Behind the camera & cameo auricular is Stefan Walz.

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snow in august

by Joke? Harmonika


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VNR Newsflash 5

Pac-Man and Tod Frye (info taken from wiki and youtube)


Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

  • Based on an unfinished prototype in an attempt to release by the holiday season of 1981.[16]
  • Contained many differences from the arcade version due to the limitations of the console, such as flickering monsters and lower-quality sound effects.[16]
  • 12 million copies were produced, even though only 10 million Atari 2600 consoles had been sold.[17]
  • Along with E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, it has been cited as a significant factor in the 1983 video game industry crash.[18]"
"The Pac-Man port was started in May of 1981, and was the most anticipated release for 1982, so marketing pressed Frye to produce the game on a very strict timetable (in the early 1980's lead times on the cartridge ROMs was several months, so the code needed to be completed in September 1981 to get the product into stores in Q1 1982). Atari corporate management demanded Frye complete the game in the standard 4K ROM, despite his repeated requests that 8K of ROM be allocated. Confined by time and available memory, Frye proposed the unthinkable. He approached Atari CEO Ray Kassar, and suggested a royalty agreement. Frye threatened to quit Atari and join Activision, leaving Pac-Man unfinished and Atari without its benchmark title. Kassar rewarded Frye with an unprecedented royalty agreement, having no other option. If the game was completed on schedule, it was agreed a royalty of 10 cents be retained for each Pac-Man cartridge manufactured.[1] Atari would manufacture 12 million Pac-Man cartridges, making Frye a millionaire in the process."

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first four episodes of VNR Newsflash all in 1 place!

VNR Newsflash 1 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

VNR the production company behind many great things presents breaking news of a man who has fallen to his death from a tree in Doodletown NY, and the boy who caused the incident..

Roberto Alterezz reporting from Doodletown, NY

This first installment of VNR Newsflash stars David McDevitt.

Directed by Stefan Walz & edited by David McDevitt

VNR Newsflash 2 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

The second installment of VNR Newsflash. This time starring Stefan Walz. This is your encounter with the strange world of cemetery thievery and hi-jinx pranx.

Directed & edited by David McDevitt.

VNR Newsflash 3 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

A deadly auto accident strikes in Wilmington Delawares.

Forgive the brief description but VNR staff is infected with a common cold. More news to come...

Starring David McDevitt, Filmed by Stefan Walz

VNR Newsflash 4 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

VNRNF is there in Willmington DE when a breaking story about car theft occurs forshadowing a later incident.

/ stefan walz & david mcdevitt


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