Sunday, July 13, 2008

i know a killer when i see one. but you're lovely.

Killer cover
Dear Alice, 
We want to fall asleep in your sweet sounds which are like flowing water over our bodies that makes us so smooth & comfortable.  We love you.
You're vibrations are just right for reaching the heart & Killer, each song you make makes me feel good about myself. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah.  There is a certain energy in these songs that makes my ribs feel just the right way to keep everything in that has to be kept in.  You know like my heart & my lungs?
We love harmonicas & when we look at you we don't see that.  But maybe we do.  Maybe we see harmonicas in your eyes.  Your eyes are beautiful harmonicas Alice & we love you.

Did you know that johnny rotten called killer the greatest rock album of all time?  Thats so cool.  Everyone was so connected in the 70s.

8 songs of calming bliss.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Sonic Youth July 4th 2008 Battery Park Concert Review

OK first off, how many bands are doing double bass?
The last time I saw Sonic Youth was in 2004 and they were playing the Sonic Nurse material. I was so excited that i think I was annoying everyone else that I was with. Well this time I was way more laid back, but as soon as those strings were plucked I started bouncing. They opened the show with the revised no wave thrill ride simplicity of "she is not alone", and then preceded into "Bull in the heather" and I almost fainted! Then I had to jump around as fast as i could for "silver rocket", with an extended noise mid section. I felt truly blessed! But here came my ultimate almost faint moment, my heart was in a washing machine when I heard the opening arpeggiation of "skip Tracer". Then "the sprawl" into another revised no wave track "world looks red". "Cross the breeze" and "hey joni" were amazing and as far as i remember were conjuncted. "Jams run free" always makes me feel orgasmic as it builds up to that climactic moment of sonic progression, you know what I'm talking about. "The Wonder/Hyperstation" was great, they should've thrown in "eliminator JR." though... Last but not least "Drunken Butterfly" with Kim forgetting the lyrics, at first I thought it was planned, its like a diva thing to do. They went back into it though as Thurston joked "she's injecting the lyrics right now..." I laughed, we laughed, everyone laughed. I was worried that the song wasn't going to have the same sort of pizzazz the second time around but it did. I was glad.
1st encore "making the nature scene" which was fuckng awesome; and then the only other Rather Ripped track played "pink steam", another orgiastic feast of sonic explosion. We honestly thought that was it, as we started walking away saying how they didn't do "schizophrenia", which is a real treat. We walk like 30 feet away and see them come back out, what's this second encore? And I hear the drumbeat! Schizophrenia! WOW! But I had to get water, it actually sounded really cool from the distance I was at. They ended with "100%" in that newer (or as I understand since 95') sort of hip hop style. It was rad! We went to some semi-OK restaurant thing, I had some avocado chicken wrap and felt very satisfied as we drove a packed 1989 Honda Civic into the sunset in traffic.


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