Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thickly Painted Walls chooses her top 10 of 2011

1. Sonic Youth, "Simon Werner a Disparu" CD/LP/download

Considering the separation of Kim and Thurston, I like to pretend this is their real swan song, and how fitting it is., with no vocals.

2. Chineselightbulb, "grey leather" download

The smooth grey leather painted over your skin, glaze my eardrums with saliva.

3. Inés Navarro, "Lentes del condensador" download

what can I say? this album would freak me out and motivate me to record all at the same time, all while being comfortably relaxed laying down in a bed with blankets. Summer or winter.

4. JLK, "empty spaces" CS

read full review here: http://vacuumnoise.blogspot.com/2011/11/jlk-empty-spaces-los-discos-enfantasmes.html

5.. Prurient, "Bermuda Drain" LP/CS

Everything was on point for this release; the aesthetics, the weirdness, I'm glad it wasn't just another noise album. The cassette release offered some interesting demoes and other tracks.

"If I could, I would take a tree branch, and ram it inside you." Forever stuck in my brain.

6. Cities Aviv, "Digital Lows" download

its nice to hear good lo-fi rap that's new, I may not follow that scene so well but this release caught me by surprise birthday cake.

7. MCDX3 "the tape says..." CDr

The tape says... CD-R?! Say What! MCDX3 may become the next Bob Dylan via this release (too bad it was limited to 15 copies)... maybe not, but he didn't sell his soul to the devil, or...?

8. The Avant Garde of Sussex County, "Hope and Dreams Album" download

Joke?Harmonika beat Dr. Beanstock to it! Garageband itunes free mix!!

9. Velvet Chrome, "Anthology" CS

This tape is my cup of tea...

10. Wonder Wheel, "Total Bundy" CS/download

Just the bass heaviness in "deep in the bottle" is enough for me. The raw recordings are contrasted by effected vocals to make this release of the full band version of Wonder Wheel, wondrous.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


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