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Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Boy" in review

mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead boy

glum bleat as looking rule up looking the rule on

home alone 2 decade personality art surfing, I ain't got to geeve

hardly blown-up report card vestiges' science, there's nothing there either

wit one wants to have had some class remember math, two more ways to get old,

tensor dumber as grown, phone we purchased pic of NYC/NJ barren plus, mold, kid,

to've called it zenlike meant daily so far as that rep tasks synth, pick the plants'

kicks in tray rats sheen in the night lil drinkin, immemorial touring woman

maybe cassette distribution will help,

gift-that-economy cass appreciated axe,

-Gordon Faylor

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cute. :o)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Cosmic Background Radio: Where I Write about Live on WFMU Aug 2000 by ST 37

I like music from the stars. The cosmic background radiation; that voice from heaven & the strong male song of the sun vibrating to me in 9 minutes of light travel. Its all sci-fi & down home at the same time. What i mean is: of the stars and of the dirt at the same time. That is the essence of cool & warmth.

Its like the moon farmer; you know what I mean? Its real sonic sound. Its light/its light. i know/i know. light≠sonic . sound=sonic. But light sounds. Those sounds that visualize bending light for you.

If you get it, then you may understand why my mind is live. More live. More better.

Listen to this twice, to go thru the everyday mundane action of space flight. Spacemonkeys... everything. And I'm not trying to be funny.


Channel Surfing: A Few Words About the Album Gatorade By the Musical Group D'Aqua

Here are little tidbits, morsels, fragments; clues. We are traveling through a wave of memories in a lynchian fashion. This is the film without a visual soundtrack. Or maybe it's TV.
I do feel that I'm clicking through channels. The art is daily; what are you concerned with? The art is 1 color of smooth skin, from what i can decipher.

Seperations of sound & 3rd party mentality. I'm listening to things & I'm listening to someone listening. I'm listening to someone watching. I'm being edited. They won't let me know what is before or after. I want to know about life. Everything is that way, but not as apparent.

These are different ways of living. People pass each other at different speeds & probably there are people going too fast; that we can't see.

Clean sound in parts. Quite good for sitting still.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

sweet & warm

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"deconstructed house and guitar"

"deconstructed house and guitar"
split cassette by New Years Baby and Thickly Painted Walls

side a
"traveling by stars"
by New Years Baby
"swoop nose"
by thickly painted walls
by New Years Baby
"fake lips"
by thickly painted walls
by New Years Baby

side b
by New Years Baby
by thickly painted walls
by New Years Baby
by thickly painted walls
by New Years Baby
"plane crash"
by thickly painted walls

2009 vnr

edition of 25 will be available at show on December 18th (Giordano Gallery: 538 johnson ave in Bushwick Brooklyn (at KGIOs) #403

American Boogie

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Beach Stud

Oh God...

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December 18th show promotion

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Smoke That Wack

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Shoot Out!

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britney spears poetry

"What we do is innocent,
Just for fun and nothin' meant"

I sincerely like this


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