Friday, December 26, 2008

Shaking Hell

Just like you can freeze in hell & you can burn in hell, the Sonic Youth song Shaking Hell has a magnificent combination of warm and cool sounds, after the ride down the slide to the underworld at which point you find something you didn't expect, but isn't hard to imagine.

The tension builds up in the beginning. You're waiting, waiting. Then you reach the bottom, everything slows. This isnt' what you expected. The pace is robotic, not the wild action you've always been fearful of. In fact this is almost comfortable. Just get in uniform & you'll fit in just fine.

You turn around to get a look at what the rest of eternity holds for you. Can't you imagine it? This is a very visual song. Almost scarier than being alone in an unknown darkness.

As someone who has many credentials I declare this song to be the most accurate depiction of the uncomfortable, nostalgic fear.

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  1. i think yr right

    there are a lot of ggood live versions of this too!



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