Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fresh zip from v&r

the first ep from mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead circa 2007
4 cool tracks perfect for your winter life



  1. having trouble trying to download the work



  3. My review:

    The first song is menacing. Great percussion, and keyboard solo. I love that the click of the keys can be heard with every note. It gives even the soft watery keyboards a percussive attack. As I listen, I imagine tiny little robots working hard to get the sun started.

    The second song is dramatic...I wait in anticipation as the notes go higher and higher until finally,a release.

    3rd song: Pure Pop Pleasure. Very fun and celebratory. The drums bring to mind the pulse of Jungle/Drum n Bass music. Eccentric keyboard melodies and a driving groove make for a schizophrenic thrill-ride of a song. Spooky ending too!

    4th song: Very sweet. Sad, but not sentimental. Depressing, but not hopeless. An expression of pure yearning. An innocent in between state. Great ending to a great EP.

    15 out of 14 stars!

    Nice cover art!



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