Tuesday, August 12, 2008

man & robot

me: this show soundcheck on NPR is alwasy so awful
2:22 PM but i listen to it to feel superior about my sophistication & open-mindednesss
  like it woudlnt' even occur to me that it was strange that bandswouldnt' be using a bass
2:23 PM becasue a band makes music with people, i don't think of htise standards that have to be met
  to define a band
  sometiems i have to turn it off
  the host is also a fool, but hes super nice, too nice. and it sickens me
 Stefan: do u hav it on radio
  or thru interent?
2:24 PM me: i have it on the radio, but you can listen to it on WNYC website. but the bass discusion is over
  some woman singer is coming on next
  to talk and play
  she doens't sound interesting,b ut i'll prob still listen
  unless its unbearable
2:25 PM Stefan: yeh
  no im gonna continue with my wacky itunes on
 me: OM
  this guy is calling in saying that the only reason that white stripes don't use bass
2:31 PM is a marketing thing
  (he's a bass player of course)
 Stefan: u see what this whole controversy is causing
 me: why would peopel thing you need this specific combo of instruments!
  its fucking music
2:32 PM people act like it was set in stone, like it was handed down in the 10 commandmants
2:33 PM a guy jus tcalled in
2:34 PM he plays in a band that is all electronic, except they use live horns.
  that sounds interesting
  and then the guy who's in teh studio says, its not doubt that electronic is starting to emerge into the world of rockmusic.
  is he living in another dimention?
2:35 PM its been going around for 30 years
  adn not just underground
  i mean sure
  outright using a computer is somewhat new
2:36 PM but its certainly not revolutionary right now
2:37 PM even that they keep saying "rock music"
2:38 PM i dnt' even know what that means anymore
  rock music is modern
  even post modern
  we live post contemporary
  sure, bands still play rock music
  but they might as well be playing characters in the rennasaince fair
  or doing be metallica rolling stones cover band
2:40 PM this is the difference between musicians and artist
  musicians are like construction workers
2:42 PM Stefan: yeah
  i agree
  emerge haha

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