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Review of Beauty

Saturday, August 14, 2010

review of Thickly Painted Walls

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eminem "Recovery" Review

The new eminem is definitely an inconsistent album (just like every album he has done since the Slim Shady LP), but "Cold Wind Blows" is a tight opener and "W.T.P" would be good without the references to the track title for the hook (white trash party). "On Fire" is the obvious standout blazer in terms of quality. I could do without Pink being on there and the cheesy rock guitar on a few tracks. However Eminem keeps me interested in his decision making processes; like I can't figure out why "3AM" from his prior album (Relapse) which had a jamaican styled flow was so good, but it was.
Perhaps I want to think Eminem is more post-modern than he really is, I do think he is a self aware person; but unfortunately he is still limited to his own pop context, and the limitations that come along with the desire for accessibility.

here are some samples, but just know that the pitch has been fucked with to keep them from being pirated...

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