Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wonder Wheel

our friends wonder wheel
The best $5 i ever spent! This beautifully packaged cassette by Number 5 music, opens with the amazing, frantic "leaving town for a new one". Whenever i put this tape into the deck, i start dancing, although this album doesn't stop there. The second track "erroneous soul song" is another amazing whirlwind of sound. Perhaps this is what Paul A. Rosales is best known for doing, Wonder Wheel plays with dated mechanisms to create something timeless. My friend Joke? tried to describe it once over the new digital audio of cell phones, not comparable to the beautiful decay of this cassette. Anyways Joke? had a difficult time describing it, but he was talking about the type of painting it creates in his head, both the gesture and the product I think. Wonder wheel has a sound, but you can feel the heart and time placed into it. The album has a range of topics from love to angst; bass thumping basslines to fucked up fuck ups! Its got it all, actually I dont think this review is well written or a decent entailing of what the tape has to offer one with an open ear, as it has not got old at all in my listening experience. Fuck it, this review is shit, has been shit, ignore the review, it sucks; just get the fucking tape or fuck off!



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