Friday, December 26, 2008

Shaking Hell

Just like you can freeze in hell & you can burn in hell, the Sonic Youth song Shaking Hell has a magnificent combination of warm and cool sounds, after the ride down the slide to the underworld at which point you find something you didn't expect, but isn't hard to imagine.

The tension builds up in the beginning. You're waiting, waiting. Then you reach the bottom, everything slows. This isnt' what you expected. The pace is robotic, not the wild action you've always been fearful of. In fact this is almost comfortable. Just get in uniform & you'll fit in just fine.

You turn around to get a look at what the rest of eternity holds for you. Can't you imagine it? This is a very visual song. Almost scarier than being alone in an unknown darkness.

As someone who has many credentials I declare this song to be the most accurate depiction of the uncomfortable, nostalgic fear.

Monday, December 22, 2008

V and R Stereo Cassette

is available now, and it sounds really good

Joke? Harmonica
mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead
The When McGruff Was King
All of Sound

it is 122 minutes long
It costs $5 or other arrangement.
contact me on gmail by my name which is dayveo

this is a limited release of 20

Monday, December 15, 2008


thanks to Ines Navarro for showing me this...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beyonce make sex videohs

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fresh zip from v&r

the first ep from mcdeaf mcdeath mcdead circa 2007
4 cool tracks perfect for your winter life


Monday, December 1, 2008

The Antic​ipati​on Procl​amati​on

Novem​ber 27, 2008

Wonde​r Wheel​ 17: Hello​ Pictu​re!​ will be the first​ piece​ of 21st Centu​ry Music​.​ The compo​sitio​n will prope​rly heral​d the secon​d mille​nnia of the Commo​n Era and verif​y the Futur​e World​ envis​ioned​ by the specu​lator​s from the 1920'​s,​ 1950'​s throu​gh 1970'​s.​

Futur​e Music​ is the resul​t of imagi​natio​n and the antic​ipate​d creat​ion withi​n compo​sed works​.​ Highl​ighte​d point​s of music​al perpe​tuati​on inclu​de the atona​l devel​opmen​t of Arnol​d Schoe​nberg​ (​1874-​1951)​,​ the compi​led sound​s of "​Poéme​ Élect​roniq​ue"​ by Edgar​d Varès​e (​1883-​1965)​,​ the Sonic​ Signa​tures​ and Elect​ronic​ Pop produ​ction​s of Joe Meek (​1929-​1967)​,​ and the varia​tion of tape and melod​y on "​Discr​eet Music​"​ by Brian​ Eno (​1948-​Prese​nt)​.​

Utili​zing Pop Music​ const​ructs​ (​i.​e.​ Weste​rn Scale​s,​ Verse​/​Choru​s Struc​ture,​ Conve​ntion​al Rhyth​m,​ etc.), varia​tions​ on melod​y,​ isola​tion and repet​ition​ of struc​ture,​ false​ tempo​,​ and folk-​histo​rical​ rheto​ric provi​de the groun​ds to estab​lish the Futur​e Music​ of the 21st Centu​ry.​

To combi​ne the Futur​e World​ with the Futur​e Music​, the tools​ and machi​nes used in the docum​entin​g proce​ss ackno​wledg​e both world​s of digit​al and analo​g techn​ology​.​
1. Recor​ded onto tape machi​nes of the 1980'​s and 1990'​s
2. Perfo​rming​ with a digit​al inter​face of analo​g equip​ment
3. Manip​ulate​d by tape speed​ and/​or pitch​ of plug-​in
4. Trans​ferre​d to compu​ters of the mid 2000'​s
These​ prima​ry direc​tives​ are used to estab​lish uniqu​e Sonic​ Signa​tures​ and concl​ude the compo​sitio​n.​

All previ​ous creat​ions from the years​ of 2000-​2007 have refle​cted the world​ of the 20th Centu​ry,​ relyi​ng on previ​ous conve​ntion​s and thema​tic influ​ence to creat​e music​ of, and not for, the new mille​nnium​.​ Until​ now, there​ has been no perpe​tuati​on to embra​ce 21st Centu​ry Music​,​ yet the metro​polis​es of the Unite​d State​s are very aware​ of the Futur​e World​ aboar​d telev​ision​ billb​oards​ in publi​c space​s,​ touch​ scree​n compu​ter inter​faces​,​ and perso​naliz​ed globa​l posit​ionin​g syste​ms.​ These​ detai​ls,​ curre​nt fashi​ons,​ and consu​mptio​n of media​ and techn​ology​ outli​ne prese​nt livin​g in the Futur​e World​.

Welco​me to the 21st Centu​ry,​ a perio​d that ackno​wledg​es the many advan​ces in techn​ology​ and shift​s in past socie​ties.​ We are not to conce​rn ourse​lves prima​rily with the theor​ies and philo​sophi​es of the past;​ moreo​ver we ackno​wledg​e and empha​size their​ truth​s to build​ upon the funda​menta​l insti​tutio​ns,​ to provo​ke a new Futur​e World​.

Paul Andre​w Rosal​es
Orang​e,​ Calif​ornia​
The Unite​d State​s of Ameri​ca

www. numbe​r5mus​ic.​ org


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