Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thickly Painted Walls "wichsen vixen"

Thickly Painted Walls - Wichsen Vixen [mpr079]

101 jerking me around
202 future town and a spill
303 sleepy peepy
404 no chapstick
505 mushy machete middle
606 sock
707 basement song
808 out
909 sap
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There's no mystery that the guitar has been an instrument of derision within the experimental scene, and that this CD with its recognizably pianistic guitar sounds of strumming and vocal's is in a dimension, a kinda Syd Barret toning way. It is the musical picture of a musician looking toward the future, or could it be the past, one has to think for a moment.
This is indead a very interesting album full of "i guess" improvisations where all kinds of folk, avant styles come together, they meet and clash in their own very distinct way.
Nearly every track sticks to one formula, some slightly catchy guitar chords played over a nice chorus. The tempo's bleed well and individually, it's all pretty good.
Worth a listen to fans of kitchy guitar.

This audio is part of the collection: Misspelled Records

Keywords: guitar; experimental; vocal; avant garde;

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

Individual Files

Audio FilesVBR MP3Ogg Vorbis
01 jerking me around8.0 MB3.4 MB
02 future town and a spill6.8 MB3.1 MB
03 sleepy peepy3.9 MB1.6 MB
04 no chapstick18.2 MB4.9 MB
05 mushy machete middle22.9 MB5.7 MB
06 sock15.8 MB3.9 MB
07 basement song13.2 MB3.9 MB
08 out7.3 MB1.9 MB
09 sap4.6 MB1.1 MB
Image FilesJPEGJPEG Thumb
wichsen vixen71.8 KB2.1 KB
mpr079_files.xmlMetadata5.9 KB
mpr079_meta.xmlMetadata1.2 KB
Other FilesUnknown
TPW- Wichsen Vixen603.0 B

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