Saturday, October 9, 2010


For the Love of Treble:  A Short Story Broken Down from Blankets & Covers from the 60s
Echo Mastianchi was always very adept at using his wits.  He got out of a lot of tough situations in school.  As a matter of honor he never let anything get him down.  In addition to being the wittiest child in school he was also the most high strung.
What lurked inside his head was a frozen imprint of static stuck there after being trapped in a playpen in front of a TV with bad reception for 7 hours when he was 18 months old.
Down on the sidewalk one day Echo Mastianchi was kneeling down to try and get a pebble unstuck from his sneaker tread when a car rushed by blaring music that he found reprehensible.  He quickly got the pebble unstuck and tossed it at the car hitting it’s rear window and making a small crack.  This went unnoticed by the driver of the car.
Eleven months later that crack had grown much larger.  The driver didn’t have enough money to replace the window.  Coming home from the supermarket one day he hit a pothole and the window shattered.  The driver was finally forced to do something about the window.  He had to put the cost of the replacement on his credit card.

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