Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review of Princeton Record Exchange

I'm here to report about a disappointing trip to a record store.  My excitement to visit this place was a result of many great things I have heard about it.  One person said it was "hands down the best used record store of its kind in the state, possibly on the East Coast." (

I suppose its a fine store for a college town... maybe.  

Coming from NYC I found it to be very underwhelming, a result of my high expectations.  Judging by the things I had heard I thought this place was going to be a very large store, filled to the brim with rows & rows of vinyl.  But it wasn't very big at all.  And there weren't very many records.  The majority of the store was filled with CD's, which I and my associates are not to interested in, unless its a special CD-R from someone special.

There weren't even any used tapes!  Not that I saw.  How do you go from Vinyl to Cd's without passing thru cassettes?  Don't they know I like to listen to tapes in the car?  And its nice to buy the cheap!

Another criticism is that the records they did have, while many were very nice & appealing, were the same records that I can find in any half way decent record shop.  There wasn't that much weird stuff, and there weren't any releases by any local groups or individuals (I'm talking again of the lack of tapes.)  Is no one making tapes near Princeton or won't PREX carry them?

I also didn't like that a Cure song was playing too loudly while I was in there.  I've heard them before.

In summary, if you live near Princeton I recommend that you go to Princeton Record Exchange.  But if you don't live close, then don't bother. :(

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