Wednesday, March 30, 2011

napkume review

Napkume Review

Napkume is a mood sensitive listening experience. I listened to it once and I really couldn’t figure out its raison d'etre. After the second time, I still didn’t know; But I also didn’t care.

The CD-R starts out sounding like a mediocre 90’s demo tape. Psycho People has a nice melody but also tests the limits of your patience with dumb sonic youth noise guitar. It all depends on if you have a taste for it. The repetition of the track will eventually infect you, trust me.

Track 2 @Airport also relies on a catchy hook. It doesn’t really repeat, though it is pleasent enough though.

From there the album sometimes delves slightly into a more electronic slow spaces like exploring a computer filled with peanut butter, but its just a trick because through exploring, itunes evidently is found and the tracks change alot within themselves in tempo & technique.

This is a very fufilling, captivating body of music when re-listening, but i dont know whether i should be concerned that I wasn’t very interested the first time around.

7 & 8 Are the funniest tracks.

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