Wednesday, March 2, 2011

first four episodes of VNR Newsflash all in 1 place!

VNR Newsflash 1 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

VNR the production company behind many great things presents breaking news of a man who has fallen to his death from a tree in Doodletown NY, and the boy who caused the incident..

Roberto Alterezz reporting from Doodletown, NY

This first installment of VNR Newsflash stars David McDevitt.

Directed by Stefan Walz & edited by David McDevitt

VNR Newsflash 2 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

The second installment of VNR Newsflash. This time starring Stefan Walz. This is your encounter with the strange world of cemetery thievery and hi-jinx pranx.

Directed & edited by David McDevitt.

VNR Newsflash 3 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

A deadly auto accident strikes in Wilmington Delawares.

Forgive the brief description but VNR staff is infected with a common cold. More news to come...

Starring David McDevitt, Filmed by Stefan Walz

VNR Newsflash 4 from mr. vnr video on Vimeo.

VNRNF is there in Willmington DE when a breaking story about car theft occurs forshadowing a later incident.

/ stefan walz & david mcdevitt

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