Saturday, December 19, 2009


Channel Surfing: A Few Words About the Album Gatorade By the Musical Group D'Aqua

Here are little tidbits, morsels, fragments; clues. We are traveling through a wave of memories in a lynchian fashion. This is the film without a visual soundtrack. Or maybe it's TV.
I do feel that I'm clicking through channels. The art is daily; what are you concerned with? The art is 1 color of smooth skin, from what i can decipher.

Seperations of sound & 3rd party mentality. I'm listening to things & I'm listening to someone listening. I'm listening to someone watching. I'm being edited. They won't let me know what is before or after. I want to know about life. Everything is that way, but not as apparent.

These are different ways of living. People pass each other at different speeds & probably there are people going too fast; that we can't see.

Clean sound in parts. Quite good for sitting still.

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  1. i can feel this in a way i cannot describe.



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