Saturday, December 19, 2009


Cosmic Background Radio: Where I Write about Live on WFMU Aug 2000 by ST 37

I like music from the stars. The cosmic background radiation; that voice from heaven & the strong male song of the sun vibrating to me in 9 minutes of light travel. Its all sci-fi & down home at the same time. What i mean is: of the stars and of the dirt at the same time. That is the essence of cool & warmth.

Its like the moon farmer; you know what I mean? Its real sonic sound. Its light/its light. i know/i know. light≠sonic . sound=sonic. But light sounds. Those sounds that visualize bending light for you.

If you get it, then you may understand why my mind is live. More live. More better.

Listen to this twice, to go thru the everyday mundane action of space flight. Spacemonkeys... everything. And I'm not trying to be funny.

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