Monday, November 28, 2011

JLK- Empty Spaces (Los Discos Enfantasmes) review

I'm opening my closet, I'm plugging in, digital crystal clear reel running along the grassy banks of the splashy agua field. I'm plugging in, I don't care, I'm doing it doing it now. Running down the hill, on the wooden skates, on my surfboard, waking walking. You ask why answer a question with a question? I don't know I say, its repeating though, its different too. The brown faux wood sticker pulsating speaker wound, catfound no cat. I'm trying, trying to figer it out, figer it out tiger. Locked in the closet now, cat out of the bag, quick n easy, forget about it smile, inoffensive and pensive

rock n roll waitress cowboy funk skunk trunk dunk skinny legs with the tight painted on jeans or stocking jukebox fuck DJ spinning krautrock all night and outta sight dancing blues and black burning hacky sack lou reed seizure heart attack no reason to not say that sound clicks off I hear my thought church bells ringing and video game screaming buzzer alert pacing honey comb behind that cockatoo walk in to the dungeon to get fucked mortal kombat contenders are along the sides glide into the center stage with the guitarra in hand demons encircle you and climb on in thru your temples and involuntary segovia death.


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