Tuesday, November 30, 2010

review of experience, i.e. misspelled has the ill communication, & official release of MCDX3 - Violet Saliva

David McDevitt

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My name is David McDevitt.  I record music & perform as MCDX3.
My friend Stefan Walz (Thickly Painted Walls)  told me you may be interested in hearing my newly completed album in consideration for releasing it under your Misspelled Records label. 

This would be very interesting to me because of the opportunity to expose my work to a new group of people.  Violet Saliva would be my 10th release, most of which have been through our VNR label with the exceptions of one thru Hobo Cult in Montreal and one thru You Dont Like It in Allston MA.

This album differs from some of my others in that it had a looser recording process where the songs were recorded with less of a predetermined intention to make one body of work. Although it wasn't a conscious decision, most if not all of the songs have some element of covering or sampling, or direct referencing to songs of other people.

Here is the link to a .zip file for the album.

And also, if you're interested here's a video I made recently for a song i recorded in 2007.

Thanks alot
and i hope you find something of interest in what i'm sending you.




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i will take a listen tonight to the album, but judging by the music video which i really like, i would see no porblem to put it out.

i am also interested in blogging and featuring the video if it is of interest to yourself.

thanks mark


David McDevitt

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i am interested in all of those things.



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primarilly we are a net-label.
a net label works in less traditional means to a label, cutting out physical publishing deals, and allowing the material to be released freely at no cost.
if you want to release your music for free we can provide you exposure, not limited to marketing online/offline, radioplay, possible cdr releases.

how does that sound?

please send any mp3's/wave/ogg files with relevant artwork for the album.
if you can send it to my email or i can leech from a website like megaupload/sendspace/rapidshare.

we will release the music as soon as we get it.

we also provide artists with the opportunity to buy cd-r's at cost so they can sell at gigs/give out for radioplay etc. if thats something you want to be involved in as well we can acoomodate that for you as well

please keep in touch, and look forward to the album



David McDevitt

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Here is the link where you can download the album:
the art is included in the zip file.

Please keep me updated about the release
And I'd also love to have some feedback from from you as well.

Thanks a lot. 
David McDevitt (MCDX3)



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very interesting music, i like the new york song, lol.
illput it out soonish, thanks willlet you know as soon.


David McDevitt

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hey, are you putting this out or not?
i see this:
& then this "review" linking to music thats not by me:

and then my friend just told me that he messaged you on facebook and you said "it doesn't fit with what we do?"

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt based on prior communication and assume this is just a miscommunication, but if it is not a miscommunication will you please let me know so i can release it in another way.


anyway i never heard anything back so, consider this post to be the official release of 
MCDX3 - Violet Saliva



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we initially put it out, but under consideration it doesnt fit within our context, sorry. we will update the discogs page as well.



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