Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr Bienstock

Hello, I am an amateur yet detailed and articulate verbalist of many vernaculars; from the most stupid and insincere, to suicidally serious and hyperbolically nauseating. I can be overly philosophical while eating cheese-doodles dipped in BBQ sauce and having manual sex with myself reading the most rigorous forms of logic, as well as not knowing how to operate a four track, certain locks on doors, or even a simple household oven. I am smart, stupid, sensitive, brash, and every other pair of opposites. I am here to discuss other peoples artistic projects and results. I will be reviewing works voluntarily as well as taking requests. I am very open minded and have a decent knowledge of cultural insider conspiracy taste but if I do become negative, I will do my best to protect my fellow human's ego, but as everyone knows, momentary honesty can be much more interesting or even fun. Thanks for allowing me to be here.


  1. welcome to the Wunderkinder child Prodigy, smack ma bitch up

  2. woah woah woah, beanstock is on here now?

    just got to convince matt to start contributing, and then get grud to publish his shit,and get Geo to fucking type something, and this is golden as far as I'm concerned,

    Master Knowledge Group

    Stevie Walszh
    Davey Mc death
    Chris Gurb
    Matt "milwakee" ferrari
    Turst Pfundenstien



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