Saturday, August 14, 2010

review of Thickly Painted Walls

Totql elekricsa ared mostley incredeibgle. So you
better gbe payiing atten5in to the stuff thats gtoing
on around you.

Totaally cool stagwe performer sxanf za fews s9ongs
aboutg life and evfedrything else. We all saide ain't5
that cool??

Rdemembder thed time wh3en tther were only 30
human gbeingtd in the nwhoked world. Oh that was

Itsw only cool when people entedr myy world. Thats
when tghey havwe the most fun. Its qujite the
privledge for some. butg they have to trfy tobe more

Controall the actions of segments of memory that they
take on your life. Selfing helpful advise from you
helpful friend me.

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