Thursday, June 18, 2009

Srebna Buża / Silver Storm

Srebna Buża / Silver Storm

This is a skilled album. there is so much atmosphere and maybe its just my perspective, but alot of the songs have a really frightening tone. Really quiet horror.
i keep expecting Fuck Eyes to collapse into a powerful melody but it never does, it just keeps pulling you along in tension, no release. very interesting. In Candy Corpse the initial drum sound is such deep bouncing & the vocals are so lonely and introspected.
i love this oscillating sound ghost blues, and all the layers. its great. and the buzz of the guitar along with its warm inviting sound. lots of contrasts between warm & cold sounds.
Dizzy few days is brain splitting.
This is one of my favorite Hobo Cult releases.

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  1. yeh this album is amazing, I remeber when i got it months ago; i was super impressed and intrigued. this review is making me want to listen to it again.... too bad I hav no working stereo in my car!!!



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